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The roof. Much more than the top, protective layer of our buildings. A top layer with endless possibilities, now and in the future. The roof plays an increasingly important role in our society. Get more out of your roof with Guardian. Read more about Guardian, how we can help you and what makes our products and services special.

Guardian: producer and more

Formerly Afast BV, since September 2018 known as Guardian and part of the SFS Intec Group for many years now. Our origin lies in the production of roof fastening materials, but meanwhile Guardian does more than that. We are connectors! Are you looking for products, advice or other market partners for your flat roof? We connect the smartest solution to your question.

Connect functionality and sustainability

We love roofs. That much is clear. For a long time this part of the building envelope remained insufficiently used and only protected the content against weather influences. That is past tense. The flat roof is increasingly becoming a place of sustainability and functionality. Guardian is happy to cooperate in this. By making connections with our products, our knowledge and with market partners. We are open to new initiatives at every level, where the ideas and input of our partners are essential. In this way we are working on a bright future for the roof. Together.
Side by side.

Wat does Guardian do?

Thanks to Guardian’s excellent service, our customers know how to find us for years. Whether it is about receiving advice, requesting a wind load calculation or finding the most suitable product; our expert staff is ready to answer all your questions!


Advice from the specialists!

Our expert staff will help you with customized advice and service. The short lines and just-in-time delivery ensures maximum flexibility. Guardian takes care of the assembly and packaging of end products largely in-house to avoid extra costs and long delivery times.

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Wind load calculation

Wind box tests (according to EN 16002: 2010) and wind load calculations (according to EN 1991-4) are available for many roof and fastening systems. With this wind load calculation you know exactly which and how many fasteners you need for your project.

Read more about the importance of correct wind load calculation.


Guardian offers both fastening products and systems. Our fastening systems have been specially developed for the mechanical fastening of insulation, and synthetic and bituminous membranes on flat roofs. The unique design of our Guardian tubes and pressure distribution plates in combination with our screws guarantees high calculation values.

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What makes Guardian special?


Guardian guarantees quality. Our entire product range is continuously checked for quality. These extensive test programs have resulted in European certifications (ETA and Sintef) and FM Approvals. In addition, we attach great importance to the continuous improvement of our existing products and services and we are always on the move to find new, sustainable solutions. The wishes and needs of our customers and their customers are always the guiding principle.

Guardian also offers service and advice. We can tell you which products can be used in various systems, or offer you a total solution thanks to our large database of information regarding the pull-out values of our fasteners in overall roof systems.


Although fasteners form a relatively small cost component of the total roof structure, they play a crucial role in the quality and safety of the total roof. No part of a building is loaded as heavily as the roof. Storm, rain, but also the result of walking and working, ensure that flat roofs are constantly exposed to severe tests.

It is therefore of immense importance that the roof construction is properly and safely build up. The use of high-quality fastening products and systems is a very important part of this.

In addition, Guardian stands for safe working on the roof. With our Soter fall protection systems you have the guarantee that you can work at heights safely.


People, planet and profit are intertwined in Guardian's DNA. We are consciously concerned with the well-being of our employees through corporate social responsibility, we contribute to a better environment and also try to grow as a company. How? By realizing a demountable roof structure with our products and making it recyclable.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Guardian shows its social involvement on both social and economic level:

  • Ethically and socially responsible business processes based on the SFS Code of Conduct;
  • Guardian actively cooperates with social workshops and prisons. Here our products are being assembled by people who are at a distance from the labor market. Guardian works together with MTB-Maastricht, the prison in Grave, the probation service Venlo and ORO in Helmond and Beek & Donk;
  • Since 2018, Guardian has been an approved training company. A good and safe place where students can gain practical experience during their education.
  • Guardian's policy is to continuously improve its quality and environmental performance, as defined in the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. View the ISO 14001:2015 certificate here!


Guardian goes Green!

As of 1 January 2021, Guardian has switched entirely to green energy from WaarborgWind. This is Dutch wind energy with the Milieukeur quality mark from SMK (Foundation for Environmental Quality). By using this energy, Guardian is assured of electricity that meets strict sustainability requirements. In addition, the Milieukeur guarantees that the electricity comes entirely from Dutch windmills!

WaarborgWind is generated with the lowest possible CO2 emissions during the entire production chain, from the construction of the windmill to transport to the electricity network. With WaarborgWind, Guardian therefore scores a maximum score on the CO2 performance scale and our company minimises its impact on the environment!

View the certificate here!


Smaller ecological footprint

Of course Guardian wants to contribute to a beautiful and rich future for our earth and the next generation. That is why we started an energy saving project:

  1. Reduce energy consumption with the help of an external energy management consultancy. The first steps have been taken: installed LED lighting throughout the company and plans to provide solar panels for almost the entire roof.
  2. Guardian is participant in the Urban Mining Collective(UMC). This collective consists of a group of companies that have entered into a partnership with the aim of developing and market circular construction products. Raw materials and materials from demolition buildings are made suitable for re-use.
  3. We look very critically at our waste. The excess plastic that is released in the production process of the grommets is reused. The share of recycled raw materials will continue to grow in the coming years.

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