GuardianWeld™ Induction system

GuardianWeld systeem

innovative induction-welding machine for fixing roofing membranes

Developments in the roofing sector have followed each other at lightning speed in recent years, in particular in the field of sustainability. Think for example about circular product development, re-uses and recycling, new processing methods and demountable roofs. With GuardianWeldTM, Guardian adds a fastening method that is not only durable but also cost-efficient. Also, working with GuardianWeld™ saves time and is ergonomically.

How does GuardianWeld™ work? 

With GuardianWeld™, you fasten the insulation to the construction with a specially developed pressure plate. Possibly in combination with a tube that ensures the reduction of the thermal bridge. The roof membrane is then laid over it. The GuardianWeld™ pressure plate has a special coating (for TPO, PVC or EPDM). The pressure plate is heated utilising induction, as a result of which the layer is activated and adhesion with the roofing membrane is established. After welding, a magnet is placed on the plate that provides extra pressure on the weld and rapid cooling.

GuardianWeld componenten

GuardianWeld systeem

The advantages

Developments regarding circular construction are increasingly opting for mechanical fixing. When dismantling a building and specifically the roof construction, all original materials can be reused. With adhesives, this is virtually impossible. Guardian, therefore, expects a lot from GuardianWeld™ in the coming years. By using our innovative and ergonomically responsible induction welding device, more full tracks can be placed. This results in a saving in labour. This fastening method also ensures fewer overlaps and therefore, less chance of leaks and weak spots.

Benefits of GuardianWeld at a glance

  • Can lead to a 20 percent saving on total costs
  • No perforation of the roof membrane and can it can be dismantled; durable and less chance of leaks
  • Confirmation independent of overlap
  • No separate insulation layer required
  • One width roofing membrane for the entire roof, therefore fewer welds and therefore less risk of leakage.
  • The machine chooses the right heat within a few seconds, depending on the power supply and temperature
  • No narrow storm tracks in the corner and edge zone
  • Can also be combined with standard overlap system
  • Ergonomically responsible working: upright, light in weight
  • User-friendly, quick and straightforward to handle
  • Application less weather dependent
  • Well-arranged control-display that offers certainty.

Do you want to know more?

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Look at the GuardianWeld page for more information and installationvideos.