Fall protection

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Guardian stands for protection, safety. We want to contribute to working safely on flat roofs, our area of expertise.

The fall protection systems offered by Guardian (Soter Safety Systems by QBM) are characterised by their high quality and continuous development at a competitive price. The extensive knowledge and experience we have gained in developing our fastening solutions for flat roofs has helped us to develop these systems for working safely at height.

Alongside systems for horizontal applications, we have recently started to offer solutions for vertical systems and overhead applications. Guardian also provides comprehensive technical support such as installation assistance and on-site training.

Every year 6,300 people report to a first-aid post after a fall from height during work. Some 20% (1,200) have to be admitted to hospital, and 3% (18) die. Our goal is to reduce these numbers as much as possible.

A system should be developed in every situation where there is a risk of a fall (see image on the left)

A well-known safety rule at locations where work at height is carried out is: ‘Try to avoid working at height wherever possible!’

We must try to minimise the risks together. Current legislation and regulations stipulate that the best thing to do is use systems for ‘workplace limitation’ when working on roofs. The purpose of the fall protection systems offered by Guardian is to reduce the risk of falling to a minimum.

Product range

The fall protection systems we offer and apply are suitable for all sorts and types of flat roofs.

‘The fastest and simplest system to install on the market!’


In accordance with the Buildings Decree 2012, it must be stated for new construction and renovation how maintenance on and to buildings can be carried out safely. If maintenance cannot be carried out safely without measures, building-related services must be installed.

The European standard EN 795 of 2012 (Personal Protective Equipment against Falls) described with which provisions anchor facilities for fall protection must comply. When this standard was approved by all countries and institutions at the end of 2015, it was with the warning that building-related anchor facilities no longer fall under the PPE directives. Building-related anchor facilities have since been accommodated under the building guidelines.

Although there is no standard for building-related anchor facilities, tests can indeed be performed to determine whether systems comply with EN 795:2012.

The British SATRA Technology Centre is the testing institute for fall protection systems. The fall protection systems by Soter are also tested by this institute and meet the required standards.