Quality and certification


Guardian stands for high-quality products, customer-friendly service and flexibility. Guardian products and systems are monitored continuously for quality. Extensive testing programs have resulted in European certification (ETA and Sintef) and FM Approvals. The fall protection systems have been (successfully) tested by the Satra test institute (in accordance with EN 795:2012).

European certification

The entire Guardian range has been tested and is constantly monitored in accordance with the latest European regulations (EAD 030351-00-0402). Click here to take a look into our ETA certificate.

Under these regulations, all parameters for roof fasteners are tested:

  • static and dynamic tests to determine calculation values;
  • corrosion resistance according to Kesternich DIN 50018 S2, OL;
  • unwinding (reversing effect of steel fasteners);
  • ageing of synthetics;
  • traceability of products;
  • quality assurance system.

In accordance with the Buildings Decree 2012, it must be stated for new construction and renovation how maintenance on and to buildings can be carried out safely. If maintenance cannot be carried out safely without measures, building-related services must be installed.
The European standard EN 795 of 2012 (Personal Protective Equipment against Falls) described with which provisions anchor facilities for fall protection must comply. When this standard was approved by all countries and institutions at the end of 2015, it was with the warning that building-related anchor facilities no longer fall under the PPE directives. Building-related anchor facilities have since been accommodated under the building guidelines.

Although there is no standard for building-related anchor facilities, tests can indeed be performed to determine whether systems comply with EN 795:2012.

The British SATRA Technology Centre is the testing institute for fall protection systems. The fall protection systems we offer are also tested by this institute and meet the required standards.

FM Approval

FM Global is an American risk management and insurance company that insures commercial buildings (worldwide).

When offering a fastening system for a project insured by FM in Europe, the following important issues should be taken into account:

  1. a European project requires CE marked products with an accompanying Declaration of Performance;
  2. a wind load calculation in accordance with EN 1991-1-4+NA shall be carried out in order to comply with European building regulations;
  3. FM-insured projects require a large-scale wind box test in accordance with FM-4470;
  4. if several roof membrane widths are used, a wind box test in accordance with FM-4470 must be carried out for each individual width;
  5. only combinations of products tested by FM may be used in the roof structure;
  6. FM-insured projects require wind load calculations in accordance with FM data sheet 1-28, based on test results from the FM-4470 test programme for roof structures;
  7. the wind load calculation in accordance with EN 1991-1-4 shall be compared with the calculation in accordance with FM data sheet 1-28. The most conservative calculation for determining the number of fasteners required should then be chosen.

Guardian has FM Approvals for the following products and roof structures:

Guardian tubes

Guardian pressure plates

Guardian screws

For more information please contact our Technical Support department via support@guardian.nl or 0031 492 597400. For a complete overview you can also check www.roofnav.com

Declaration of Performance

The new European regulations for construction products entered into force on 1 July 2013. Construction products (including fixing materials) must be ETA-certified. Like other manufacturers, Guardian is committed to supporting and communicating the performance of our products. These performances are laid down in a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for each product.

With this document, you can be sure that the products you purchase comply with European regulations. For you, a DoP simply means that you have certainty about the quality of a product. Under the products tab you can find and download all DoPs.

For more information, please contact the Technical Support department via support@guardian.nl or on 0031 492 594700..



At Guardian, we stand for demonstrable quality. This translates to the certificates that we can submit after various audits.


NEN-EN-ISO 9001 specifies requirements for the quality management system of an organisation which:

  1. must demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations;
  2. aims to increase customer satisfaction by implementing the system effectively, including processes to improve the system as well as ensuring compliance with customer requirements and with requirements from applicable laws and regulations.

Guardian is ISO 9001-accredited by external auditor SQS.


An internal audit is conducted within Guardian twice each calendar year. The processes and procedures of all our departments are then performed and checked, and points for improvement are established.

EN 795 (fall protection)

EN 795 regulates the technical requirements for Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height. For example, this standard defines the loads that fall protection solutions must withstand, and how they are tested and certified.

The fall protection device offered by Guardian has been tested in accordance with EN 795