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Protect your roof with the Guardian FM Approved systems

FM Approval is one of the highest attainable quality marks for products and / or systems in the area of risk reduction and damage prevention. It is issued by one of the largest insurers worldwide in this area: FM Global.

FM Approval: the worldwide standard

Did you know that your roof is not FM Approved insured when only the individual products in the roof structure are FM Approved? A client (such as a building owner) indicates whether the FM quality mark on single products is sufficient or whether the complete system should be FM Approved. If the FM insurance only applies when the individual components in the roof structure have been tested as a complete FM system, than this concerns the entire roof system: the substrate, insulation, roofing membrane and fastener.

FM wind load calculation

Our FM Approved fasteners are subjected to the FM wind box tests. There are currently around 17 system build-ups with the Guardian fastener FM Approved. That number is growing steadily, because we constantly work together with (among other things) producers of roofing membranes
Guardian has the quality of knowledge: we are an expert in the field of FM!

For detailed information about how an FM wind load calculation works exactly, read the article "FM Approval wind load calculation: why, how and what" here.

Complete FM Approved roof system

Guardian offers a wide range of mechanical fasteners for the flat roof that have achieved the FM Approvals certificate in various systems. Guardian has placed these FM approved systems in a overview, with the associated system values, so that it is clear at a glance whether the proposed system meets the requirements and which values belong to it. Click here for the complete overview.

Do you want more information about the FM quality mark? Read the article here "Be assured of quality"?

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FM Approved bevestigers voor het platte dak

Naast de diverse systeem-opbouwen die FM Approved zijn, biedt Guardian ook losse producten die het FM Approval keurmerk los dragen.

FM Approved bevestigers voor uw staaldak:

FM Approved bevestigers voor uw betondak:

FM Approved kunststof tules:

FM Approved metalen drukverdeelplaatjes: