Guardian Academy

Guardian Acadamy

Would you like to have more information on the background of our products and the systems in which they come into their own? We present to you the Guardian Academy!

You could actually regard the Guardian Academy as a comprehensive flat roof course. With you we will consider the country and customs in question, in combination with the most common roof systems. Specific consideration is given to the substrates (steel, concrete, etc.), the most common types of insulation and the type of synthetic membranes. We explain which Guardian products can be used (and thus promoted) in these systems in the relevant market.

Support for the entire roof structure

In this way you will get to know the Guardian range well, together with how we can support you in the entire roof construction. The Guardian Academy also explains how we sell systems in other countries, to what type of customers and what the sales strategy is. This has enabled us to collect a large database of information, and you can learn from other customers and markets. We also offer a relevant picture of your potential in the market.

The Guardian Academy also explains how the Technical Support department makes wind load calculations, what the technical certifications and standards are with the relevant safety factors, and the relevant exceptions and rules.

Of course we won’t let you go home empty-handed after this exciting course. Every student receives a fine certificate of participation from the Guardian Academy!

For more information or to register for the Guardian Academy, please contact the Technical Support department at support@guardian.nl or on 0492 594700.