FM Approval wind load calculation: how, what and why?

FM Approval wind load calculation: how, what and why?

We like to work with FM Approved products. A part of our materials has already been tested and has received the seal of approval, by the most important insurance company. Here is a brief explanation of why we think it is so important, how it works with an FM wind load calculation and what striking test results we achieved with it:

3 reasons why we choose FM Approval

  1. The quality assurance is proof of one of the highest possible quality in roof materials and systems.
  2. Working according to FM Approval is a growing trend in the European market.
  3. Our FM Approved range and knowledge also makes us an exciting partner in the Canadian and American markets in the future.

The first and most important reason: it is one of the highest attainable certifications on the market. If you approve your products or complete a roof system according to European standards, you meet the (minimum) conditions. If you adhere to the FM Global standards, you know as sure as possible that your roof (system) is of quality: a very high quality, with minimal risk. 

This is because FM Global only insures properties that meet their own high standards. The insurance company naturally runs as little risk as possible by making constructions with genuine quality products. 

From a business point of view, slick and intelligent; for roofs and buildings worldwide! Because people now know that products and systems with FM Approval products and systems are of the highest range of quality. 

At least in the United States, this all is well known. In Europe, knowledge is now starting to grow among project developers, engineers, architects, consultants and property owners. No substantial growth but progress is being made. Subsequently, that same growth in the European market is the second reason to invest in FM Approvals. The most significant increase is those in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Poland, moreover, but we do see potential in the rest of Europe. 

Construction professionals and investors in those countries see 2 essential reasons for choosing FM Approvals for the used products, materials and roof systems of their buildings:

  • It is the highest attainable grade for quality products and systems and therefore the most secure and reliable choice for their premises.
  • It is an interesting factor to attract large tenants from the United States to their European buildings.

Thirdly, we see opportunities for Guardian in the Canadian and American market. Our experience and knowledge with FM Approval - is well known and highly valued among them - makes us a welcome partner in roofing solutions. All the more reasons to work with FM Approved products and roof systems. 

All these various reasons only fit one goal: to set a roof of such quality that it passes the FM tests with flying colours. Only then you have the assurance that your building is safe under the most extreme (wind) conditions. 

How does an FM wind load calculation work?

The objective of a wind load calculation is to determine the number of fasteners on a roof. In other words: Is the quality genuinely high that it can withstand (extreme) circumstances? 

That is why we first request all the building details for each (possible) new project; we take a look at the (building) site, and we check which wind load applies - based on that- we then make the wind load calculation. 

Firstly, according to the European regulations with any national annexes from the relevant country, followed with the FM test standards. We use the "Roof Calculator" for this. A tool that is fully equipped according to the rules of Europe and FM for wind load calculation. 

You enter the products and systems being used in the database, you enter further values - such as the type of terrain, the wind speeds on the site, the height of the building and construction type - and thus make the FM wind load calculation directly digitally. Here a judgment rolls in the form of a roof design with the mounting pattern.

Any advice is provided on the base of the details as mentioned above: A piece of first advice is given according to the EU rules - concerning widths of roofing sheets and choices in roof mounting material - and then the following advice with an extra step in quality materials and systems that comply with FM Approval. The latter therefore according to the highest standards, calculated using our wind load calculation method. 

Depending on the safety degree and minimising the risk in wind conditions, the developer can then opt for one of those recommendations: the standard, or the maximum in available quality and certainty. 

What is FM Approved, for maximum wind load?

We work with FM Approved products, or a complete FM Approved roof system for that FM wind load calculation. Because of the full options, we prefer these products and systems to work with. It's therefore that a whole range of our Guardian roof mounting products and systems meet this quality assurance:

At the moment there are approximately 17 system builds of our FM Approved, and that number is growing, because we continuously work together with new producers.

Due to the highest test rating and broad knowledge of FM Approvals within the European Market, we are leading. It is for good reason that we work with European partners and exclusive dealers in Europe, who entirely leave this part to us. We have the knowledge and quality; therefore, you can call us an expert in the field of FM Approval and the best in FM wind load on the European market.