Technical Support

Technical Support

Wind load calculations

The objective of a wind load calculation is to determine the number of fasteners on a roof. In this calculation, the different roof zones are also determined. A roof consists of 2 central zones, an edge zone and an angle zone.

The number of fasteners is determined per zone. This is dependent on various factors:

  • the height of the building;
  • the geographical location of the building;
  • the environment of the building (next to open water, built or not);
  • shape of the roof/building;
  • open or closed building.

The calculation uses calculation values which are determined expertimentally for each type of roofing membrane in combination with a particular fastener.

You can request a wind load calculation via this form, or contact our Technical Support department via support@guardian.nl or +31 492 597415.

van Doren
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Field Engineer

We provide wind load calculations within 48 hours. Our professional software optimises the number of fasteners for each roof project.

Pull-out testing

The main objective of a pull-out test is to determine the quality of the substrate. Each substrate is investigated in order to find the best solution for obtaining the maximum extraction value. Another important aspect of the pull-out test is to give the proper processing recommendation for any particular fastener. The roofer benefits from the highest possible extraction value but a simple processing of the fasteners is just as important.

The extraction tests are taken care of by Guardian. The quality of the substrate is being decided on the spot.

Are you in need of a pull-out test of do you want more information regarding this test, please contact us.

Below you can see how Guardian manages pull-out tests.

Wind uplift testing

Guardian has extensive, international testing facilities, for the determination of the windload of a roof, according to EN 16002:2010, ETAG-006 en FM 4470.

(Product) demonstrations

We are very proud of our products and our knowledge and expertise about flat roofs and we want to show this! We offer you (and your customers) demonstrations of our Guardian products and systems. This is possible both at Guardian in Helmond or on site.

Project start-up

The start-up of a (new) project is often challenging; even for the experienced roofer. Guardian is also pleased to assit you in this area. Our expert staff is happy to support you with the start-up of a project and let it run smoothly.

Besides that, we also take care of the start-up for the fall protection systems which we offer, so you can work safely as from day 1!

If you need more information or request a wind uplift test, a (product) demonstration or a start-up, please contact our Technical Support department via support@guardian.nl or +31 492 597415.

Processing videos

If you would like to see how our products are being used, check out our processing videos.