A wind load calculation is required to determine the wind resistance of your roof construction. Not every roofer performs this calculation prior to his work. A shame, because such a calculation can prevent many problems. It is also mandatory to demonstrate that the roof complies with current regulations. Do you find it difficult to perform a wind load calculation and could you use some help with that? Guardian performs accurate calculations, completely free of charge for you as a customer.

Calculating the correct wind resistance of your roof construction is not easy. A wind load calculation can be quite a task, especially for roofs with unusual shapes or in challenging locations. Nevertheless, it is smart to perform this calculation (or have it performed). A correct, accurate calculation shows exactly which fixing material you should use and how much of it you need. Significant storm damage and other major problems can be prevented. Problems for which you as a roofer are primarily held responsible.


Expert wind load calculation from Guardian

Guardian carries out wind load calculations free of charge. To make these accurate calculations, we have developed a smart program. Have you had us perform a calculation? Then you know exactly how many fasteners you need and where you can best place them. Our program has been developed on the basis of an extensive database of all European roofing membrane manufacturers. So you do not have to worry that we cannot calculate your roof structure.

Guardian has a very extensive range of wind box tests, on the basis of which wind load calculations are drawn up. We determine the wind load in collaboration with manufacturers of roofing membranes and insulation. Whichever combination you choose, you can be confident that you will produce a flat roof that can withstand heavy wind gusts for its entire lifespan.

Do you know the importance of correct wind load calculations? Read our article here!

All wind load calculations are customised. Guardian provides an expert calculation, taking into account all relevant details. Better to set aside a little more time in advance than to pay claims afterwards!

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Up to date calculation for buildings across Europe

Guardian works with roofing membrane manufacturers all over Europe. Our database is regularly updated. This way you can be sure that you get a calculation that meets the most recent European standards.

FM Standard and FM Certification

Op zoek naar een berekening die voldoet aan FM Global? Ook dan ben je bij Guardian aan het juiste adres. Je krijgt in zo’n geval een berekening en advies waarin enkel FM-gecertificeerde producten of FM systemen zijn opgenomen.

Looking for a calculation that complies with FM Global? You came to the right place at Guardian. In such a case, you will receive a calculation and advice that only includes FM-certified products or FM systems.


Do you want to calculate the wind resistance of your roof construction and are you curious about what Guardian can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.


Wind box test: guaranteed the right fasteners

In addition to the correct number of roof fasteners, it is also important to know which fasteners are best to use for the fixation of your flat roof. Guardian tests all its fasteners on the various roof structures/roof structures. This ensures that you have the right roof fasteners at all times.

Our fasteners are tested with a so-called wind box test in a laboratory equipped with the correct test equipment. The roof structure/roof structure, including fastener, is simulated on the basis of a test set-up. A fan is then turned on, which simulates a strong gust of wind. The fasteners are then exposed to considerable forces. This happens between 20,000 and 30,000 times, under different wind forces. The calculation value that emerges from this indicates how much force a certain combination can handle. Information that is important if you want to calculate how many fasteners you need per square meter.

Guardian has conducted more than 300 wind box tests. So you can count on getting the right product.