From Afast Holding B.V. to Guardian B.V.: why?


As known in the market, our company name has changed per September 1th of this year, from Afast Holding B.V. to Guardian B.V. But why did we make this change?

The brand name which we had from Afast for years, was Guardian. Mainly on the European market, Guardian is wider known than our company name Afast. At times, there was confusion about this with our customers.  By using the same name as manufacturer, supplier and service provider, we create more uniformity.

Change in strategy

Over the past 5 years our company has undergone a significant growth development. To keep this success, we want to prepare ourselves for the future. The long term vision and the strategy were  the deciding factor to continue under the name of Guardian B.V.

The biggest change in strategy is that Guardian will respond more to all the needs of our current customers and other parties in the entire construction column. We position ourselves as connectors, literally in the build-up of the roof as between different parties so that, together, we can determine the smartest total solution.

Developments in the market

Flat roofs are increasingly becoming roofs for usage: gardens and terraces, for installing solar panels and buffering rainwater. There are more and more factors that affect the roof and the fastening of it, and that creates new needs. New needs mean new opportunities for Guardian. An example of new opportunities is offering leak detection and fall protection systems.

Re-branding process

In addition to the new strategy and new company name, we have also renewed our entire corporate identity. Guardian has chose intentionally for the colors green and blue, standing for more sustainability and new opportunities in the market.

Guardian wants to carry out the new strategy and corporate identity with partners, customers and other relations. If you have wishes or if you see opportunities to work together? Contact us to look forward to the future together!