Leak Detection


Discover water on time and prevent major water damage with the sensors and scanner of Guardian.

Guardian wants to think along with you in new and innovative solutions for smart roofs. Leak Detection is a perfect example of a product that helps you prevent and detect damage in a smart way.

The Leak Detection system consists of two components: the water detector (the sensor) and a handy device (the scanner). Both units can communicate through different layers of the roof structure. This system is based on RFID technology, which has the great advantage that there is no need for a battery in the sensor.

How is the system being installed?

First of all you need to cut a slot of at least 100 x 30 mm in the bottom of the thermal insulation. The edge of this slot must be cut on both sides at an angle with the knife. Place the sensor in the slot.

ATTENTION: for aluminum-encapsulated insulation, an extra surface of 150 x 150 mm of the casing above the sensor must be cut out.

Next, you can lay the insulation as usual.
All sensors must be placed in the same direction.


Find your leak quickly and easiliy

After the installation, the sensors are immediately ready for use.

The number of sensors per project/roof, depends on many factors. Often this will be 1 sensor per m2 to 1 sensor per 4 m2. We are happy to advise and assist you!

During a roof inspection or maintenance, you can easily read out the sensors with the scanner. Thanks tot he large range of approximately 6 meters of the scanner, a roof control is only a piece of cake. You literally take a look through the roof.
Is a leak detected? The scanner guides you to the precise location!

The system can be used in any traditional roof system. Ballast layers or tiles or gravel are no problem for the system.Are you planning to build a green roof,please contact us for the possibilities!

Protect your roof with the Guardian Leak Detection system.
Our expert staff is happy to advise you further on how the system works.
Please call 0031 492 597400 or send an e-mail to info@guardian.nl.